Find My Helo App

This project entailed showing how this app worked through demonstrated gestures and screenshots.

Example Facebook Banner Video

At my time at Promote ROI I was able to exercise my motion graphics ability for real estate clients.

Mayday Interview Video

The organization BAYAN Southern California asked me to compile a video of their footage of this event. May 1st is to celebrate workers all around the world. The event Mayday is to promote the awareness of worker’s rights. Around the glove workers suffer from poor working conditions and organizations all over the world work to help the rights of these exploited workers.

Justice 4 Jerome

A longtime peace and human rights activist, Aba traveled to the United States on April 17 for a scheduled meeting with the U.S. Council of Bishops and congressional representatives, as well as to participate in the “Stop the Killings” speaking tour. Despite having all relevant paperwork in order, including a 10-year visa, Jerome was detained and held for 28 hours, 22 of them without any contact with a lawyer.